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We provide trained personnel who follow the proper guidelines and usage of supply and equipment on-site. Our cost savings consulting concept will impress you.

Current Environment

In the New York Metropolitan area, cleaning and maintenance costs currently rank the highest among metropolitan areas in the United States. Three primary factors account for this:

  1. Unions hold the dominant position in controlling the labor pool, thus increasing costs and fees to landlords and tenants.
  2. The service employees agreement, which governs cleaning and maintenance labor standards, has set productivity limits.
  3. Cleaning companies in the New York area earn a profit on supplies in addition to their overhead recovery costs and cost-plus-profit margins.

Due to the unchanging supply and demand of cleaning and maintenance services, and the nearly monopolistic hold of cleaning contractors on most buildings, landlords and tenants have had no alternative but to pay the asking price for such services.


  • Supply & Equipment Usage
  • Trained, Courteous, Professional Personnel with on-Site Frequent Supervision
  • We Recognize the Need for Building Owners, Property & Facility Managers to Maximize Cost Efficiencies in Today's Marketplace
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